PECVD coatings

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition

PECVD – which stands for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition – is another high-vacuum coating technology based on thin film deposition.
In PECVD coatings, the coating material is contained in the molecules (precursors) in the form of gas or vapour.

These are dissociated mainly through the action of the plasma and the material becomes available for deposition.

For example, DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is a classic coating using PECVD technology.


DLC coatings

DLC is an innovative coating with Sp3 (diamond-like) and Sp2 (graphite-like) carbon bonds.
DLC is used in various applications to enhance, for example, sliding properties. In addition, other important characteristics are high hardness, low coefficient of friction and high performance in corrosive environments.

We offer various models of DLC coating systems, giving the customer an opportunity to install other technologies over time.

DLC coatings can also be used for decorative black applications with special hardness characteristics.

Advantages of PECVD coatings

PECVD’s distinguishing features are mainly the process developed at medium-low temperature and low energy and gas/raw material consumption.
In Protec Surface Technologies’ systems, the PECVD technology can be combined with other PVD evaporation technologies (in the same process), such as Magnetron Sputtering, to achieve excellent substrate adhesion properties and other tribological characteristics such as hardness, low friction and abrasion resistance.

Rivestimenti più uniformi
Uniform coatings
Maggiore qualità
Resistenza alla corrosione
Corrosion resistance
Possibilità di rivestimenti con spessori maggiori
Possibility of thicker coatings
Durezza e resistenza all'usura
Hardness and wear resistance
Adesione su ogni tipo di substrato
Rivestimento Is-Pro
Rivestimento Is-Pro


Ion Shield Protection

Is-Pro® (Ion Shield Protection) coatings are a family of technical and decorative thin films with advanced properties.
Innovation and high quality are the main characteristics of Is-Pro® coatings.



Rivestimento antibatterico

ABACO® è la nostra ultima generazione di rivestimenti a film sottile, creata combinando forza e durabilità del PVD con la nanotecnologia ed eccezionali proprietà antibatteriche.

Our PECVD coating machines

Our PECVD coating machines ensure high productivity, low costs and innovative solutions according to customer needs.