Is-Pro®: Ion Shield Protection

The innovation of PVD coatings.
High quality and advanced technology

Is-Pro® is the PVD coating manufactured and registered by Protec Surface Technologies. The outstanding characteristics of Ion Shield Protection are due to the processes developed by our plants and the quality control conducted by our R&D laboratory.

Rivestimento Is-Pro
Rivestimento Is-Pro

How does Is-Pro® make a difference?

Is-Pro® coatings are a thin film family with advanced properties for technical and decorative applications.

Innovation and high quality are the main features of Is-Pro® coatings with a thickness ranging from a few nanometres to several microns and innovative properties from both an aesthetic and technical point of view.

The benefits of Is-Pro®

IS-PRO® coatings can be used in both the decorative and technical markets, bringing advanced benefits to both.

Adesione su ogni tipo di substrato
Perfect adhesion on all types of substrate
Basso coefficiente di frizione
Low coefficient of friction
Colorazioni uniche
Unique colours
Resistenza alla corrosione
Excellent corrosion resistance
Environmentally friendly
Alta durata
High durability
Durezza e resistenza all'usura
Hardness and wear resistance
Resistenza meccanica
Mechanical resistance
Possibilità di rivestimenti con spessori maggiori
Possibility of thicker coatings

Application-specific coatings

The chemical and physical properties of Is-Pro® coatings provide a high-quality durable protection for metal, ceramic or glass surfaces.

Rivestimento Is-Pro
Rivestimento Is-Pro

Is-Pro® coating machines

The Is-Pro® PVD coating is an effective coating with a number of different characteristics specific to the sectors in which it is used.

Protec has designed state-of-the-art machinery capable of producing thin-film coatings from a few nanometres to several microns thick.