Customised machines

Protec Surface Technologies designs and manufactures different systems to meet all customer needs, combining technical characteristics, evaporation technologies and productivity levels.

Systems can be Batch or in-line, depending on process and productivity requirements.

Macchinari personalizzati

System characteristics

Processing chamber

The size and shape of the process chamber can be designed to suit customer needs, depending on the process.

Pumping system

Different solutions on request.


Magnetron Sputtering (Dual, RF, HIPIMS etc.)
Cathodic Arc
Plasma Beam Source
Linear Ion source
Other on request


Industrial computer with diagnostic features.

Sistema di sicurezza

Numerous safety interlocks to protect operators and the system.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Certification NΒ°: 50 100 12607

Our machines for PVD treatment

Our PVD coating machines ensure high productivity, low costs and innovative solutions (Cathodic Arc, Magnetron Sputtering, Plasma Beam Source etc.) based on your needs.