Protec Surface Technologies

Design and implementation of
PVD & PECVD coating equipment.

PVD and PECVD coating machines

All our machines are designed to be able to install different technologies (Cathodic Arc, Magnetron Sputtering, Plasma Beam Source etc.) to ensure high productivity, high repeatability of the coating and its performance, low costs and innovative solutions based on customer needs.


Our PVD-PECVD equipments

Batch systems are designed for various sectors and applications and are available in 7 models.
Depending on the size, production capacity and type of coating, we offer various possibilities to meet customer needs.

Flexline machines are designed for those with special needs for high productivity.
They are intended for decorative and special applications and can have various chamber sizes. As the name suggests, these machines have a flexible configuration, depending on the coating characteristics and the final product.

There are no design limits for Protec Surface Technologies.
Batch or Flexline machines can be customised to meet customer needs.
We guarantee the same quality and innovation for all customised machine models by finding alternative solutions according to process and productivity requirements.

PVD & PECVD coatings are also characterised by the previous process steps. In fact, pre-treatment is fundamental to optimise adhesion and it is very important for the coating characteristics.
For this reason, Protec can supply all the technologies required for pre-treatment, in particular surface activation equipment.

Our solutions

Protec manufactures machinery for thin-film coatings, both for decorative and technical applications and for security printing.
All machines are provided with the highest technology and can be used to produce coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramics, glass and polymers, such as ABS and polycarbonate.

DLC coatings
Security printing
About Protec
About Protec

About us

We design and build PVD & PECVD coating systems while developing different technologies and systems to apply thin film coatings on products for the decorative, technical and security printing markets.