Our solutions

Thin-film coating machines

Designed for the decorative, technical and security printing industries, all machines are provided with the highest technology and can be used to produce coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramics, glass and polymers, such as ABS and polycarbonate.


Antibacterial coating machines

The antibacterial PVD coating is an effective coating with several essential characteristics for humans.

Antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal coatings combined in a single solution called ABACO.
This coating provides not only functional properties, but also aesthetic ones, as it is a PVD coating produced exclusively by our machines.

DLC coating machines

DLC is an innovative family of high-carbon coatings with Sp3 (diamond-like) and Sp2 (graphite-like) carbon bonds.

The most common DLC coating is metal-doped DLC (Me-DLC) obtained using the Magnetron Sputtering technology. Protec has recently developed a new generation of DLC (a-C:H) coatings with PECVD technology using Plasma Beam Source (PBS).

Thanks to PBS, Protec DLC coatings are less expensive and more efficient.

DLC coatings are used for different industrial purposes, typically on engine components (fuel injection components, piston rings and pins, valves etc.), mainly to reduce friction, but other important characteristics are hardness and good performance in corrosive environments.

Protec offers different DLC solutions depending on the application and other carbon-based coatings such as hydrogen-free DLC coating (ta-C) as well as amorphous carbon (a-C) deposited using Magnetron Sputtering technology.


DLC tribological coating machines

DLC tribological coatings are DLC coatings made for decorative applications.
The technical performance of DLC combined with the black colour offers a product that stands out from other products coated with other technologies.

Protec offers various models of DLC coating systems, giving the customer an opportunity to install other technologies over time.

Decorative coating machines

Decorative coatings, mainly applicable on metals, ceramics and plastics, are available in a wide range of bright colours offering excellent scratch resistance, durability and high surface hardness with a typical thickness between 0.2 and 2 microns.

The main applications are:

  • Door and window handles and components in general
  • Eyewear
  • Watches and jewellery
  • Taps
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Fashion accessories
  • Tableware and kitchenware
  • Lighting technology
  • Writing instruments
  • Marine and diving accessories
  • Sports accessories

Technical coating machines

Coatings for functional applications (e.g., on tools) are applied to various metals and normally vary in thickness from 1 to 6 microns. Protec is highly experienced in a variety of applications and offers machines with fast processes and excellent target utilisation, together with a low cost of ownership.

The main objective of these coatings is to significantly increase the working performance and operational resistance of the coated parts. Functional coatings are successfully used in various fields due to their extreme hardness, good adhesion to the substrate, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low coefficient of friction.

Typical coatings are: TiN, AITiN, AICrN, TiAIN, TiCN, CrN, ZrN, DLC. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating families can be produced using either PVD or PECVD technology.

Security printing coating machines

Protec Surface Technologies specialises in innovative PVD machines and environmentally friendly high-tech solutions for the chromium-plating process in security printing applications.

The environmentally friendly chromium-plating process is entirely automatic, using
High-energy metal ions, in combination with a gas in the form of plasma, generate a multilayer thin-film nanotechnology deposit.

The parts to be chrome-plated are loaded into a chamber with maintenance-free magnetic levitation vacuum pumps and evaporation sources.

There are different types of applications: intaglio plates, printing cylinders, dies proof/currency coins.

Since 2010, many PVD machines have been installed in the banknote printing market.

The environmentally friendly PVD process was developed to replace galvanic chromium plating on intaglio plates without risk to workers, improving uniformity and reproducibility. Intaglio plates are chrome-plated in a vacuum chamber, mounted on a special patented rotating structure. The innovative PVD process produces no waste and ensures high durability of the intaglio plates.


Other types of coating

Other solutions are available depending on customer requirements.
Solutions for medicine, electronics, firearms etc. can be supplied via our PVD and PECVD systems.

Protec is always discovering new markets and is constantly renewing its technology and machines.