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Protec Surface Technologies designs and manufactures PVD and PECVD coating systems for both decorative and technical applications.

Thanks to extensive experience, Protec provides a complete solution from pre-treatment, prior to coating, through to the industrial process. It also supports customers with training, on-site support, customised R&D projects, technology upgrades, quality control and characterisation.

After 25 years of continuous growth and experience gained in surface finishing, Protec continuously works to improve research and development of high quality production techniques.

Protec Surface Technologies
Protec Surface Technologies is born

In 1996, Protec Surface Technologies was founded, an Italian company supplying PVD and PECVD coating systems and surface treatments; a small size company having a small customer base that sought to meet all technical and processing requirements.
Two companies co-existed under one name - Protec Surface Technologies. A few years later, in 1998, thanks to a constant increase in demand, the two became Protec Surface Technologies, manufacturing PVD and PECVD coating systems, and Protim, a coating centre.

Machinery production
Protec logo
PVD and PECVD machines, also customised

Since 1998, Protec Surface Technologies has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of machinery for high-vacuum deposition of thin film coatings by metal evaporation (Physical Vapour Deposition or PVD) and by plasma enhanced physical vapour deposition (PECVD) based on gaseous or vapour-phase chemical precursors.
Protec specialises in the design, assembly and sale of PVD and PECVD equipment for the deposition of nanotechnology thin films for both decorative and functional applications, also offering customised processes and solutions.

P&P Holding
P&P Holding is founded

In 2019, both companies merged into P&P Holding, a global centre of excellence in PVD and PECVD coatings. The majority shareholder is a Club Deal made up of leading entrepreneurs who want to further grow the companies: Protec as a producer of PVD systems and Protim as a coating centre for third parties, focusing on the innovative spirit of both, guarantee very high quality standards and represent the reality of Made in Italy at world level.

Aruffi Group
Riello Investimenti SGR joins the Aruffi Group

On December 15, 2023, Riello Investimenti Sgr further consolidated its presence in the high vacuum surface coatings market. In addition to Protec Surface Technologies, a leader in the design and supply of PVD and PECVD coating systems for decorative and functional applications, and Protim, a leading coating center in Italy and Europe for decorative applications, it has joined the group Arzuffi, a leading company in the design and supply of metallization and sputtering systems for the automotive and packaging world, but not only. The three companies together create an important Italian center of excellence in the PVD and PECVD industry.

About Protec
About Protec

High-vacuum thin-film coating machines with innovative technologies.

We take care of our customers needs and recognize the importance of all products. This is the reason why Protec is able to provide added value to each surface.

By developing systems with innovative technologies and advanced coatings, in respect of the environment and with exceptional performance, we are confident that the coated products will guarantee customers growth in their sector and conquest new markets.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Certificazione N°: 50 100 12607


Certificate valid for the following scope:
design, manufacture and technical support of/for PVD-PECVD systems and equipment for surface treatment of metals, plastics, glass and ceramics (IAF 18).

Environment and sustainability

Protec Surface Technologies pays particular attention to the effect that its product could have on the environment.
With the aim of reducing the environmental impact, Protec is committed to optimizing the product process, promoting energy efficiency and the rational use of resources. Protec has invested in the use of alternative energy for its business, in order to make progress in becoming a zero-impact company.
Furthermore, by giving its contribution through the use of photovoltaic panels and promoting the purchase of plants and trees, Protec Surface Technologies pays great attention to the important issue of the environment.

R&D Laboratory

Research and development are the cornerstone on which the company rests. The study and implementation of innovative solutions allows us to always be at the forefront and to be able to propose customized coatings for each customer.
For this reason Protec Surface Technologies invests in research and development day after day and has national and international collaboration networks with universities and research institutes in order to develop new opportunities and technologies.
Furthermore, by giving its contribution through the use of photovoltaic panels and promoting the purchase of plants and trees, Protec Surface Technologies pays great attention to the important issue of the environment.

About Protec


Antibacterial coating

ABACO® is our latest generation of thin film coatings, created by combining the strength and durability of PVD with nanotechnology and exceptional antibacterial properties.

Rivestimento Is-Pro
Rivestimento Is-Pro


Ion Shield Protection

Is-Pro® (Ion Shield Protection) coatings are a family of technical and decorative thin films with advanced properties.
Innovation and high quality are the main characteristics of Is-Pro® coatings.

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