Notice of Change of Ownership


Bedizzole – October 2019

Protec Surface Technologies Srl, company known for the production and selling of PVD and PECVD machines, belonging to P&P Holding, together with the subsidiary Protim Srl, announces that Coating Plus Srl, a Club Deal consisting of a group of important entrepreneurs, acquired the majority of the Holding.
With a growing turnover, Protec Surface Technologies has been operating on the market for 24 years, maturing unique skills in the decorative and technical market that, together with the innovativeness of the produced machines, put it at the forefront in its reference sector.
The new investors, together with some historical member of the Society, aim to strengthen Protec Surface Technologies’ position on the market, setting the conditions for a sure growth in respect of the innovative spirit that has allowed to make to know and to appreciate this reality of the “Made in Italy” to a world level.

CEO Michele Tosti declared:
– With this operation our Companies have achieved a decisive qualitative leap, which will allow an important growth in the coming years. The fact that the investors’ Club Deal does not appear as an investment fund, but as a group of entrepreneurs who believe in the future of P&P Holding, configures the transaction as an industrial type of investment, not aimed at a mere financial transaction with returns necessarily in a short time.

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