Abaco vs Covid-19

One of the disappointed news that’s evolved and have in common all the world is the pandemic virus otherwise known as COVID-19 (or SARS-COV2).
A study confirms COVID-19 lives for a long time on different surfaces: cardboard (up to 24h); plastic (up to 72h) and stainless steel (up to 48h). How is it possible to kill the virus definitely and to have a hygienic surface?
Basically, viruses have short live and die if there are no host cells to allow them to grow and to reproduce. The most common host cell, where COVID-19 can live and infect, is the bacteria. Thankfully, Protec S.T. developed special anti-bacterial PVD coatings (ABACO), the anti-bacterial PVD thin film able to completely inhibit the growth of bacteria and to guarantee a durable and pure surface, maintaining the usual PVD colors.
ABACO can reduce the virus existence thanks to the bactericidal action to the coated surfaces and our process engineers are working hard to develop even more new colors and coating solutions.
We are happy to share with you our results and we wish everyone to stay safe.

KBIS 2020

Protec Surface Technologies, leader in decorative PVD Machines, will attend the trade fair KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas, from 21st to 23rd of January 2020.
Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is an important Exhibition in North America, dedicated to kitchen and bath design, which will take place at Las Vegas Convention Center.
Please contact us in advance to book the opportunity of meeting with our team and giving you further information about our new PVD Machines and deco coatings for faucet industry we’re offering.

See you there!

Happy New Year!

Protec Surface Technologies’ staff wishes you a peaceful 2020, full of opportunities and satisfactions.
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Aviso de trasferência de propriedade

Bedizzole – outubro de 2019

A Protec Surface Technologies Srl, empresa conhecida pela produção e venda de equipamentos PVD e PECVD, pertencente à P&P Holding, juntamente com sua subsidiária Protim Srl, anuncia que a Coating Plus Srl, um Club Deal formado por um grupo de importantes empreendedores, adquiriu a maioria de suas cotas.
Com um volume de negócios em constante crescimento, a Protec Surface Technologies atua no mercado há 24 anos, contando com habilidades únicas no setor decorativo e técnico que, juntamente com a inovação dos equipamentos produzidos as colocam na vanguarda em seu setor de referência.
Os novos investidores, juntamente com alguns parceiros históricos da empresa, pretendem fortalecer a posição da Protec Surface Technologies no mercado, estabelecendo as condições para um crescimento certo no que diz respeito ao espírito inovador que permitiu dar conhecimento e apreciar essa realidade do “Made in Itália ”em todo o mundo.

O CEO Michele Tosti disse:
– Com esta operação, nossas empresas alcançaram um salto qualitativo decisivo, o que permitirá um crescimento importante nos próximos anos. O fato de o Club Deal dos investidores não representar um fundo de investimento, mas como um grupo de empreendedores que acreditam no futuro da P&P Holding, configura a transação como um tipo de investimento industrial, não destinado a uma mera transação financeira com necessariamente retornar rapidamente.

Workshop on PVD technologies: “State of Play and challenges ahead”

On the occasion of a Workshop within the project ICAP “Innovazione tramite applicazioni combinate delle tecnologie al plasma“, Protec Surface Technologies will present a speech on the latest PVD technologies entitled ” The perfect combination for high durability eye frames: base material combined with deformation technology and vacuum coatings”.

The Workshop will take place the 26th of January 2018 from 9:30 in the morning at Certottica SCRL:

Certottica SCRL
ZI Villanova
32013 Longarone BL