Having clean hands is really important because it can save lives by decreasing the spread of infections caused by germs and bacteria.
This global celebration is a daily necessity since there are no other mechanisms to avoid spread of disease, except one: ABACO®.
ABACO® is the PVD antibacterial coating that is capable of completely killing bacteria and inhibiting further growth.
Bacteria are everywhere and our hands pick them up when we come into contact with many different surfaces. We may be washing our hands often but right after washing, we turn off faucets, and, more than likely, touch other surfaces like door handles. Even after these surfaces have been cleaned, bacteria still colonize them and remain a source of transmission to people.
ABACO® is a high vacuum nanotechnological coating which can be produced by both our PVD systems Powerflex (1100-1500) and DecoCoat (700-1100) eliminating bacteria and keeping antibacterial properties over the surface material’s lifespan.
ABACO® can be used to coat multiple surfaces guaranteeing a luxurious look that is also free of microorganisms and fungicide.
Clean care for all thanks to ABACO®!

Abaco vs Covid-19

Uma das notícias mais decepcionantes que evoluíram e têm em comum todo o mundo é o atual vírus pandêmico conhecido como COVID-19 (ou SARS-COV2).
Um estudo mostra que o COVID-19 vive por muito tempo em diferentes superfícies: papelão (até 24h); plástico (até 72h) e aço inoxidável (até 48h). Mas como é possível matar definitivamente o vírus e ter uma superfície higiênica/limpa?
Basicamente, os vírus têm vida curta e morrem se não houver células hospedeiras que lhes permitam crescer e se reproduzir. A célula hospedeira mais comum, onde o COVID-19 pode viver e infectar, é a bactéria.
Felizmente a Protec S.T. desenvolveu revestimentos especiais PVD bactericida (ABACO). Estes filmes finos de PVD antibacteriano são capazes de inibir completamente o crescimento de bactérias e garantir uma superfície durável e pura, mantendo as cores usuais de um recobrimento PVD.
O ABACO pode reduzir a existência do vírus graças à ação bactericida nas superfícies revestidas e nossos engenheiros de processo estão trabalhando duro ainda para desenvolver novas cores e soluções de revestimento.
Estamos felizes em compartilhar com você os resultados e desejamos que todos fiquem seguros.

KBIS 2020

Protec Surface Technologies, leader in decorative PVD Machines, will attend the trade fair KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas, from 21st to 23rd of January 2020.
Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is an important Exhibition in North America, dedicated to kitchen and bath design, which will take place at Las Vegas Convention Center.
Please contact us in advance to book the opportunity of meeting with our team and giving you further information about our new PVD Machines and deco coatings for faucet industry we’re offering.

See you there!

Happy New Year!

Protec Surface Technologies’ staff wishes you a peaceful 2020, full of opportunities and satisfactions.
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