Protec Surface Technologies Srl, a leader in designing and supplying PVD and PECVD coating systems for the “Security Printing” market (molds treatment for the production of the banknotes) and for both decorative and technical applications, announces that Riello Investimenti Partners Sgr acquired 60% of the P&P group, to whom Protec Surface Technologies S.r.l. and Protim S.r.l. belong.

The current managers and partners will keep 40% of the capital.

The transaction closing is expected by July 2022 and the investment will be carried out by Italian Strategy Private Equity III (ISPE).

Attached the press release of the group P&P, in which Nicola Riello, President of Riello Investimenti Partners Sgr, declares its interest.

Concerning it, Michele Tosti, CEO of the P&P group, affirms:

“According to me and other historical shareholders, this acquisition is the result of a long journey lasting over twenty-five years that started from nothing to be known by everyone and appreciated everywhere.

The time shared with the Club Deal created by Mediobanca has brought incentives to grow in the future.

We are proud of the Riello Investment’s interest and we are confident that this partnership will be the best we hope to achieve.

We are glad that our technical skills and company policies have been appreciated: young staff with a high level of school education, lots of women in important positions and our attention to the environment and work safety”.

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