ispro - ion shield protection coatings

The innovation of PVD Coating: High quality and advanced technologies

IS-PRO® coatings represent a family of proprietary advanced technical and decorative thin films. Innovation and high quality are the main characteristics of IS-PRO coatings.

  • IS-PRO® application areas

    The IS- PRO® coatings can be used in both the decorative and technical markets, bringing special advantages.

    The plus in the decorative market:

    • Unique colorations not obtainable with other vacuum processes;
    • High thickness;
    • Mechanical strength;
    • High durability;
    • Perfect adhesion on any type of substrate;
    • Eco-compatibility.

    The plus in the technical market:

    • High surface hardness,
    • Perfect adhesion to the substrate,
    • Excellent resistance to corrosion,
    • Low coefficient of friction,
    • High wear resistance,
    • Specific coatings for every application.