Nanotechnology for everlasting antibacterial, fungicide and virucide thin film coatings

Antibacterial properties are fundamental to inhibit the proliferation of pathogens upon their surface, which can cause infections.
This types of coatings are necessary for all objects in common use that could potentially be in contact or touched by people.

  • What is Abaco

    ABACO is the ultimate and latest generation of thin film antibacterial coatings that combines the advantages of strength, durability and beauty of PVD coatings with an assured nanotechnology providng exceptional antibacterial properties.

  • How does ABACO work?

    Thanks to the innovative production processes developed by Protec, ABACO is able not only to completely inhibit the growth of bacteria but also to eliminate them, guaranteeing a durable and perfectly hygienic surface.

    This antibacterial efficiency, certified by precise lab test, is due to the Nano inclusions present in the complex architecture of the multilayer coating, which destroys the bacterial cell membrane by blocking its nutrition and interrupting the cell division cycle.

  • The antibacterial action of ABACO

    The antibacterial action continues throughout the active life of the object and improves over time, due to the physical properties of the coating.

    The finish is fully hypoallergenic, also in accordance with DM and 3/21/1973 the coating has no cautions for daily use and is completely safe for human contact.

  • Antiviral properties

    Following the actual pandemic situation, the group P&P has worked hard to get the PVD coating ABACO® more and more effective against viruses.

    The coating ABACO® has been tested to be virucide against Coronavirus strain MHV, genus Betacoronavirus (same genus and family as SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2/COVID19 and MERS).

  • Colors and substrates

    The antibacterial properties of ABACO combines the aesthetic qualities of PVD coatings: hardness, inalterability to UV rays, high color stability, resistance to scratching.

    The coating ABACO can be applied to many different types of substrates: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, polymers such as ABS and polycarbonate (after adequate pre-treatment).

    Actual available colours:

    • Birght Gold
    • Satin/Pearl Gold
    • Bright Sainless Steel
    • Satin/Pearl Stainless Steel

    colors coatings decorative applications

  • Lab test and Certifications

    The test of scientific validation on ABACO coating were carried out at the University of Navarra (Spain) and the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine of the University of Brescia (Italy), according to the reference standard JIS Z 2801 / A12012.

    This standard is the most rigorous and widely applied by the scienti c community.

    The effectiveness of the coating ABACO has been tested against the bacteria of the strains Escherichia coli (Gram negative) and Staphylococcus aureus (Gram positive), both belonging to the families of most prevalent bacteria and responsible for many “contact infections”, with excellent results both on just produced samples as well as on products that had followed an extended period of use.

    The effectiveness of ABACO against viruses has been also  tested and certified according to the international standard ISO- BS ISO 21702:2019 (First edition 2019-05-27).

    The mentioned tests have been performed by the Biology Institute, University of Campinas, Brazil, one of the most prestigious Universities in the world.

    The R&D department of P & P, devoted to its mission, is constantly continuing to implement the ABACO® coating properties to increase its effectiveness against any harmful microorganisms to human health.