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Technical Assistance


Technical Assistance is extremely important for Protec Surface Technologies and fundamental for our Customers.
Thanks to our team of specialized field engineers we can offer an exclusive support package with a quick response time to restore your coating system to like-new performance.
Moreover process support is also available both on-site and at our support lab, to develop new coatings according to our Customers’ needs.
Technical assistance can be at Customer production site or remote (PRS) through internet connection, that allows a safe access to the machine.
Protec Surface Technologies offers to Customers a tailored maintenance support during all machine lifetime through a maintenance contract, including complete preventive maintenance on control system, turntable, vacuum-pump system, electrical system, gas delivery system, as well as chamber cleaning and replacement of all shields and installation of new parts to guarantee excellent system performance.
Finally, our field engineers are available to install system upgrades that may include the installation of new electronic and electrical controls, the expansion of gas capability or even additional evaporation sources and technologies.

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