Coatings for functional (tribological or tools) applications are applied on different metals and usually have a variable thickness ranging from 1 to 6 microns. Protec S.T. has a wide experience on different applications offering machines with fast process and excellent target utilization together with low cost of ownership.
The main purpose of these coatings is to increase working performances and operative endurance of the coated parts significantly. Functional coatings are used with success in various fields due to their extreme hardness, good adhesion to the substrate, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low friction coefficient.

Typical coatings are: TiN, AlTiN, AlCrN, TiAIN, TiCN, CrN, ZrN, DLC. Diamond like carbon (DLC) coating family can be realized using PVD technology or PECVD.

DLC Coatings

DLC is an innovative coating family with high Carbon sp3 bonds(diamond like).
The most common DLC coating is metal doped DLC (Me-DLC) obtained using magnetron sputtering technology. Protec S.T. recently developed the next generation of DLC coatings (a-C:H) using the PECVD Plasma Beam Source (PBS) technology. Thanks to the PBS Protec S.T. DLC coatings are less expensive and with better performances. DLC coatings are used for many industrial purposes, typically on engine components (injections, piston rings and pins, valves, etc.), mainly for friction reduction, but other important characteristics are hardness and good performances in corrosive ambient.
Protec S.T. offers many different DLC solutions depending on applications, moreover other carbon based coatings can be offered like hydrogen free DLC coating (ta-C) as well as amorphous carbon (a-C) deposited using magnetron sputtering technology.


MaterialHardness**Friction Coef.TechnologyStructure
TiN2300-2600 HV<0.6Arc/MSMonolayer
Ti(Si)N>3000 HV<0.6ArcGraded layer with nanoinclusions
TiAlN2800-3000 HV<0.7Arc/MsGraded layer
AlTiN3000-3300 HV<0.7Arc/MSGraded layer
TiCN2800-3000 HV<0.6Arc/MSMonolayer
AlCrN2800-3000 HV<0.3Arc/MSMonolayer/Graded
CrN1800-2000 HV<0.4Arc/MSMonolayer
ZrN1800-2000 HV<0.4ArcMonolayer