Protec Surface Technologies is specialized in innovative turnkey PVD machines and high tech environmental friendly solutions specific for chroming process in security printing applications.
The ecological chroming process takes place entirely automatically, using high-energy metallic ions in combination with a plasma environment where a multi-layer Nano-film is deposited. Parts to be chromed are loaded in a vacuum chamber equipped with maintenance-free magnetic levitation high-vacuum pumps and proprietary ionic evaporation sources (LDE).

There are different applications: intaglio plates, printing cylinders, coin molds for proof/normal minting.

Starting from 2010, many PVD machines have been installed in the banknote printing market. The proprietary environmental friendly PVD process has been developed to substitute galvanic chroming on intaglio plates with no hazard for workers, improving uniformity and reproducibility. Intaglio plates are chromed in a vacuum chamber, mounted on a special patented rotating drum. Protec S.T. innovative PVD process produce no waste at all and guarantees intaglio plates high durability.