R&D Laboratory

Research and development are very important to promote technological innovation and to maintain a competitive position on the global market.

For this reason, Protec Surface Technologies invests in research and development on a daily basis and has national and international collaboration networks with universities and research institutes in order to develop new opportunities and technologies.

Research and development for new projects is a fundamental part of the company and it is aimed at both existing markets in the PVD world and new market sectors.

Protec has 3 different laboratories, dedicated and specialised in all phases of the process, in order to optimise the technology and performance of the coatings.

Laboratorio di ingegneria

Engineering laboratory

In Protec’s engineering and process laboratory, engineers and specialists study innovative hardware solutions for internal and/or research projects based on customer needs.

Design laboratory

The second laboratory is dedicated to the implementation of processes and their optimisation in order to provide complete and/or innovative solutions to customers.

It is provided with 2 versatile and complete PVD/PECVD machines that can be easily modified and integrated to meet different research needs. In addition, the facility is complete with a pre-treatment system and control instruments.

Laboratorio progetti
Laboratorio ricerca e sviluppo

Research laboratory

The third laboratory has various instruments that help to verify the quality of the coating, to characterise it and achieve the customer’s testing requirements.

The most significant instruments are:

  • Salt mist chamber
  • Calotest
  • Nanoindentometer and microscratch tester
  • HRC indenter
  • Profilometer and roughness tester,
    SEM (Scanning electron microscope) with EDX.

PVD and PECVD coating machines

All our machines are designed to be able to install different technologies (Cathodic Arc, Magnetron Sputtering, Plasma Beam Source etc.) to ensure high productivity, high repeatability of the coating and its performance, low costs and innovative solutions based on customer needs.