abaco - antibacterial coating



Lots of exhibitions and events have been canceled due to Coronavirus pandemic situation.

We were used to seeing people directly, know their faces and exchange information, now are getting to use digital platforms only.

Anyway, despite this situation we don’t want to lose the opportunity joining the annual SVC exhibition virtually.

Not only that, hoping to participate and see you directly in 2022, we are glad to inform that two new improvements will be presented at the conference:

  • HPP MS Applied to Security Printing
  • PVD Mass Finishing

We are active in many market sectors and surely we can find the best solution to your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover more about our machines and PVD-PECVD solutions.

Another important current topic are antibacterial and antiviral coatings.

We presented our ABACO® a true PVD antibacterial coating at 2017 SVC Conference, first on the market.

ABACO is our PVD coating with the same features of the classic PVD combined with bactericide effect and NOW virucide effect as well!

Do you want to know in which machine can install ABACO®?

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