Many of our PVD machines have been sold in the faucet industry, and PVD machine PowerFlex 1500 CR, the bigger version of our PVD machine PowerFlex 1100 CR, has had a great success. PowerFlex 1500 CR has already been sold to different faucet manufacturer, revealing to be the ideal machine for this sector. Indeed, Powerflex 1500 CR is a PVD machine particularly suitable for the faucet industry, thanks to its characteristics: flexibility, big dimensions, high productivity and low operating costs.

This PVD machine has been designed by Protec S.T. and it contains the state of the art of the latest PVD technology to reach the maximum performances in the field of decorative PVD coatings; moreover it remains especially suitable for the coating of large size objects, ensuring an exceptional uniformity and a perfect control of the PVD process in order to achieve high repeatability.Another important characteristic of our PVD machine PowerFlex 1500 CR is the reduced and easy maintenance that ensures decreased ownership costs. Finally the software, internally conceived and designed, makes programming and execution of cycles esier.

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