Turnkey PVD and PECVD coating equipments

We don’t supply just the system, but ready-to-use processes.

Processi chiavi in mano

Customised processes

Various standard recipes are made available on request, and not only: Protec Surface Technologies also offers customised processes depending on the product.

Following a study of the product and the type of coating, we guarantee a dedicated process.

Protec at your service

Thanks to its extensive experience, Protec Surface Technologies offers a variety of solutions from pre-treatment to industrial coating processes.
It supports customers in process development, quality control and thin film characterisation.
We specialise in technical support and preventive maintenance to meet all your needs.

Discover our other services, both before and after sales.

PVD and PECVD coating machines


Our PVD and PECVD machines ensure high productivity, low costs and innovative solutions (Cathodic Arc, Magnetron Sputtering, Plasma Beam Source etc.) based on your needs.