Research and development are very important to promote technological innovation and keep a competitive position in the global market.
For this reason Protec invests to support it day by day and has national and international network of collaborations with Universities and Research Organizations in order to develop new opportunities.

Protec Laboratories

In Protec there are 3 different labs , dedicated and specialized in all process phase in order to optimize technologies and performance

  • Engeneering Lab

    Inside Engeneering and Process Lab engineers and specialists study innovative hardware solutions for internal and/or research project based on customer needs.

  • Process Lab

    Process Lab realizes and optimizes the process in order to supply complete solutions. 

  • Research Lab

    Research Lab have three extremely versatile and complete PVD/PECVD machine which can be modified and integrated easily to meet many research needs. Moreover a pre-treatment plant and quality control instruments complete the structure.