Protec Surface Technologies offers to the costumer the possibility to have a maintenance support during all machine lifetime. Maintenance contracts ensure efficiency and preserve over time the equipment.
There are different types of possibility depending on costumer needs.

All maintenance contracts allow to have many advantages:

  • Reduced costs;
  • Guarantee response time for technical assistance;
  • Discount in customer technical assistance;
  • Discount for spare parts;
  • Free remote assistance;
  • Guarantee of important spare parts in Protec warehouse;
  • Many other advantages;

Spare parts

Machine components are divided in different categories:

  • Consumables: all parts to be changed regularly;
  • Primary spare parts: Parts to have in stock;
  • Secondary spare parts: machine parts that have a longer lifetime.

Protec Surface Technologies helps the customers according to their needs and guarantees a quick response time.
Protec warehouse guarantees the most important spare parts to assure the perfect machine operation.