Cerimonia Protec Surface Technologies e Viglacera Sanfi

Our PF 1100 CR flies to Vietnam


2024 marks a historic milestone for both our company and Viglacera Sanfi, thanks to the signing of a supply contract for PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating systems.

Viglacera Sanfi ‒ subsidiary of the Viglacera Corporation Group (leader in the sanitaryware and ceramics sector) ‒ has in fact chosen Protec Surface Technologies to integrate advanced PVD coating technology into its products related to the taps field, thus uniting two excellences in the sector.

PVD technology for the decorative field

PVD coating represents a cutting-edge technology that not only improves the durability and wear resistance of products, but also offers a wide range of colors and finishes. This process is eco-friendly and ensures that the products are safe and environmentally friendly.

Protec Surface Technologies, with its many years of experience in the decorative industry, is pleased to bring this innovative technology to Vietnam, installing its first PVD machine in the country.

Decorative coatings are a great choice for improving the aesthetics and functionality of various objects. As we said, these coatings offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • range of colours: available in numerous shades, decorative coverings can satisfy different aesthetic needs;
  • scratch resistance: the surface treated with these coatings is particularly resistant to scratches, thus maintaining an impeccable appearance over time;
  • durability: these coatings are designed to last over time, resisting daily wear and tear;
  • high surface hardness: with a high surface hardness, the treated objects are more resistant to physical damage;
  • reduced thickness: despite their excellent protective properties, the coatings maintain a very thin thickness, ranging from 0.2 to 2 microns, ensuring a uniform finish and without significantly altering the original dimensions of the objects.

Main applications:

  • handles and components for doors and windows;
  • eyewear;
  • watchmaking and jewellery;
  • taps;
  • bathroom accessories;
  • fashion accessories;
  • table and kitchen items.

The ceremony

The important achieved milestone was celebrated with a ceremony held in May in Vietnam.

Present at the ceremony were key figures such as Michele Tosti, our CEO and Nguyen Van Tien, director of Viglacera Sanfi, together with numerous officials and employees. This event not only marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, but also underlines the commitment of the two companies towards excellence and innovation.

Nguyen Van Tien said:

“Investing in PVD coating technology is a strategic move for Viglacera, reflecting our ongoing commitment to providing superior quality products and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.”

Viglacera Sanfi and Protec Surface Technologies: a common vision

Founded in 1974, Viglacera is among Vietnam’s most important companies in the building materials sector. The company is committed to offering solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics and respect for the environment.

Our company shares these values ​​focused on technological innovation and environmental sustainability. The partnership between the two companies therefore represents a perfect synergy, aimed at bringing the highest quality and sustainable products to the market.

The PowerFlex 1100 CR: cutting-edge technology for PVD coatings

The PowerFlex 1100 CR is an advanced decorative coating machine that uses PVD technologies. Operating in high vacuum, it offers excellent results and extraordinary process uniformity. It is designed for medium and large objects and integrates various technologies such as Cathodic Arc and Magnetron Sputtering.

Fully automated and with a double-door chamber, it guarantees safety and precise control of the process, making it ideal for improving the aesthetics and functionality of products.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring. We will continue to work with passion in order to offer high quality products to all our customers.

Our solutions and our machinery are designed to always guarantee you the best!

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