ABACO® everywhere!

Touch surfaces are contaminated by thousands and thousands of microbes like bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Nowadays, we recognize the importance of sanitization due to the current situation and we gave our support to expanding the ABACO® properties.
Faucets like handles or cutleries are one of the main touch surfaces and we can reduce the contamination thanks to our process: ABACO®.




Lots of exhibitions and events have been canceled due to Coronavirus pandemic situation.

We were used to seeing people directly, know their faces and exchange information, now are getting to use digital platforms only.

Anyway, despite this situation we don’t want to lose the opportunity joining the annual SVC exhibition virtually.

Not only that, hoping to participate and see you directly in 2022, we are glad to inform that two new improvements will be presented at the conference:

  • HPP MS Applied to Security Printing
  • PVD Mass Finishing

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We are active in many market sectors and surely we can find the best solution to your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover more about our machines and PVD-PECVD solutions.

Another important current topic are antibacterial and antiviral coatings.

We presented our ABACO® a true PVD antibacterial coating at 2017 SVC Conference, first on the market.



ABACO is our PVD coating with the same features of the classic PVD combined with bactericide effect and NOW virucide effect as well!

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The coating ABACO® is more and more effective against viruses

Following the actual pandemic situation, the group P&P has worked hard to get the PVD coating ABACO® more and more effective against viruses.

The coating ABACO® has been tested to be virucide against Coronavirus strain MHV, genus Betacoronavirus (same genus and family as SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2/COVID19 and MERS).

The mentioned tests have been performed by the Biology Institute, University of Campinas – Brazil according to the international standard ISO- BS ISO 21702:2019 (First edition 2019-05-27).

The R&D department of P & P, devoted to its mission, is constantly continuing to implement the ABACO® coating properties to increase its effectiveness against any harmful microorganisms to human health.


Having clean hands is really important because it can save lives by decreasing the spread of infections caused by germs and bacteria.
This global celebration is a daily necessity since there are no other mechanisms to avoid spread of disease, except one: ABACO®.
ABACO® is the PVD antibacterial coating that is capable of completely killing bacteria and inhibiting further growth.
Bacteria are everywhere and our hands pick them up when we come into contact with many different surfaces. We may be washing our hands often but right after washing, we turn off faucets, and, more than likely, touch other surfaces like door handles. Even after these surfaces have been cleaned, bacteria still colonize them and remain a source of transmission to people.
ABACO® is a high vacuum nanotechnological coating which can be produced by both our PVD systems Powerflex (1100-1500) and DecoCoat (700-1100) eliminating bacteria and keeping antibacterial properties over the surface material’s lifespan.
ABACO® can be used to coat multiple surfaces guaranteeing a luxurious look that is also free of microorganisms and fungicide.
Clean care for all thanks to ABACO®!

ABACO vs Covid-19

One of the disappointed news that’s evolved and have in common all the world is the pandemic virus otherwise known as COVID-19 (or SARS-COV2).
A study confirms COVID-19 lives for a long time on different surfaces: cardboard (up to 24h); plastic (up to 72h) and stainless steel (up to 48h). How is it possible to kill the virus definitely and to have a hygienic surface?
Basically, viruses have short live and die if there are no host cells to allow them to grow and to reproduce. The most common host cell, where COVID-19 can live and infect, is the bacteria. Thankfully, Protec S.T. developed special anti-bacterial PVD coatings (ABACO), the anti-bacterial PVD thin film able to completely inhibit the growth of bacteria and to guarantee a durable and pure surface, maintaining the usual PVD colors.
ABACO can reduce the virus existence thanks to the bactericidal action to the coated surfaces and our process engineers are working hard to develop even more new colors and coating solutions.
We are happy to share with you our results and we wish everyone to stay safe.