Notice of Change of Ownership

Bedizzole – October 2019

Protec Surface Technologies Srl, company known for the production and selling of PVD and PECVD machines, belonging to P&P Holding, together with the subsidiary Protim Srl, announces that Coating Plus Srl, a Club Deal consisting of a group of important entrepreneurs, acquired the majority of the Holding.
With a growing turnover, Protec Surface Technologies has been operating on the market for 24 years, maturing unique skills in the decorative and technical market that, together with the innovativeness of the produced machines, put it at the forefront in its reference sector.
The new investors, together with some historical member of the Society, aim to strengthen Protec Surface Technologies’ position on the market, setting the conditions for a sure growth in respect of the innovative spirit that has allowed to make to know and to appreciate this reality of the “Made in Italy” to a world level.

CEO Michele Tosti declared:
– With this operation our Companies have achieved a decisive qualitative leap, which will allow an important growth in the coming years. The fact that the investors’ Club Deal does not appear as an investment fund, but as a group of entrepreneurs who believe in the future of P&P Holding, configures the transaction as an industrial type of investment, not aimed at a mere financial transaction with returns necessarily in a short time.

Industry 4.0

Protec PVD and PECVD machines are industry 4.0 ready. The dedicated software installed consent data communications between Protec machines and customer EMS or ERP systems (sometimes adjustments are required). Moreover, Protec PVD and PECVD machines can be controlled remotely, for example to select recipes, to overview machine and actual batch data and also for diagnostic purposes. Protec is always ready to support customers with software customized solutions to perfectly fit their existing informatic system. Also information safety is important, Protec software engineers are always committed to offer the best options for our customers.

Protec Surface Technologies srl @ EMO Hannover 2019

Protec Surface Technologies srl will be at EMO Hannover, important fair regarding metalworking, from the 16th to the 21st of September 2019, at booth number B56.
Come and see us if you want to find out more about our PVD coating machines and our technologies!
We will be at your disposal to present our leading PVD machine PowerFlex CR 1500 or our new technical machine PowerFlex 650, small and easy to use, designed to improve the surface tribological characteristics of treated artifacts.


Many of our PVD machines have been sold in the faucet industry, and PVD machine PowerFlex 1500 CR, the bigger version of our PVD machine PowerFlex 1100 CR, has had a great success. PowerFlex 1500 CR has already been sold to different faucet manufacturer, revealing to be the ideal machine for this sector. Indeed, Powerflex 1500 CR is a PVD machine particularly suitable for the faucet industry, thanks to its characteristics: flexibility, big dimensions, high productivity and low operating costs.

This PVD machine has been designed by Protec S.T. and it contains the state of the art of the latest PVD technology to reach the maximum performances in the field of decorative PVD coatings; moreover it remains especially suitable for the coating of large size objects, ensuring an exceptional uniformity and a perfect control of the PVD process in order to achieve high repeatability.Another important characteristic of our PVD machine PowerFlex 1500 CR is the reduced and easy maintenance that ensures decreased ownership costs. Finally the software, internally conceived and designed, makes programming and execution of cycles esier.

Find out more about PowerFlex 1500 CR!


Today’s the first day of Global Industrie 2019 at the Eurexpo Exhibition Centre in Lyon and Protec S.T. is exhibiting at booth number 3F87!

Visit our stand and find out how our PVD equipments and special technologies as ABACO can be used in relation to the project PVD MASS FINISHING, realized with the support of Unione Europea and Regione Lombardia.