ABACO vs Covid-19

One of the disappointed news that’s evolved and have in common all the world is the pandemic virus otherwise known as COVID-19 (or SARS-COV2).
A study confirms COVID-19 lives for a long time on different surfaces: cardboard (up to 24h); plastic (up to 72h) and stainless steel (up to 48h). How is it possible to kill the virus definitely and to have a hygienic surface?
Basically, viruses have short live and die if there are no host cells to allow them to grow and to reproduce. The most common host cell, where COVID-19 can live and infect, is the bacteria. Thankfully, Protec S.T. developed special anti-bacterial PVD coatings (ABACO), the anti-bacterial PVD thin film able to completely inhibit the growth of bacteria and to guarantee a durable and pure surface, maintaining the usual PVD colors.
ABACO can reduce the virus existence thanks to the bactericidal action to the coated surfaces and our process engineers are working hard to develop even more new colors and coating solutions.
We are happy to share with you our results and we wish everyone to stay safe.

KBIS 2020

Protec Surface Technologies, leader in decorative PVD Machines, will attend the trade fair KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas, from 21st to 23rd of January 2020.
Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is an important Exhibition in North America, dedicated to kitchen and bath design, which will take place at Las Vegas Convention Center.
Please contact us in advance to book the opportunity of meeting with our team and giving you further information about our new PVD Machines and deco coatings for faucet industry we’re offering.

See you there!

Protec Surface Technologies

Happy New Year!

Protec Surface Technologies’ staff wishes you a peaceful 2020, full of opportunities and satisfactions.
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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is extremely important for Protec Surface Technologies and fundamental for our Customers.
Thanks to our team of specialized field engineers we can offer an exclusive support package with a quick response time to restore your coating system to like-new performance.
Moreover process support is also available both on-site and at our support lab, to develop new coatings according to our Customers’ needs.
Technical assistance can be at Customer production site or remote (PRS) through internet connection, that allows a safe access to the machine.
Protec Surface Technologies offers to Customers a tailored maintenance support during all machine lifetime through a maintenance contract, including complete preventive maintenance on control system, turntable, vacuum-pump system, electrical system, gas delivery system, as well as chamber cleaning and replacement of all shields and installation of new parts to guarantee excellent system performance.
Finally, our field engineers are available to install system upgrades that may include the installation of new electronic and electrical controls, the expansion of gas capability or even additional evaporation sources and technologies.

Notice of Change of Ownership

Bedizzole – October 2019

Protec Surface Technologies Srl, company known for the production and selling of PVD and PECVD machines, belonging to P&P Holding, together with the subsidiary Protim Srl, announces that Coating Plus Srl, a Club Deal consisting of a group of important entrepreneurs, acquired the majority of the Holding.
With a growing turnover, Protec Surface Technologies has been operating on the market for 24 years, maturing unique skills in the decorative and technical market that, together with the innovativeness of the produced machines, put it at the forefront in its reference sector.
The new investors, together with some historical member of the Society, aim to strengthen Protec Surface Technologies’ position on the market, setting the conditions for a sure growth in respect of the innovative spirit that has allowed to make to know and to appreciate this reality of the “Made in Italy” to a world level.

CEO Michele Tosti declared:
– With this operation our Companies have achieved a decisive qualitative leap, which will allow an important growth in the coming years. The fact that the investors’ Club Deal does not appear as an investment fund, but as a group of entrepreneurs who believe in the future of P&P Holding, configures the transaction as an industrial type of investment, not aimed at a mere financial transaction with returns necessarily in a short time.