Technical coating equipment

Technical coatings are the key to enhancing the performance and durability of tools, molds, and industrial components. With a thickness ranging from 1 to 6 microns and applied on a wide range of metals, these coatings offer superior performance. Protec, with its extensive experience, provides cutting-edge and efficient machinery, ensuring cost-effective management.

The main goal of these coatings is to improve work performance and operational lifespan. Thanks to their extreme hardness, wear, and corrosion resistance, they are widely used across various industrial sectors. Many coatings can be tailored to different applications and can be applied using PVD or PECVD technologies, offering flexibility to meet specific industrial needs.

In summary, technical coatings represent a strategic investment in improving the reliability and efficiency of tools, molds, and industrial components, ensuring greater strength and durability over time.

Powerflex 500 CG is a machine belonging to the Powerflex series, which has been specifically designed for advanced technical coatings such as those for micro-tools. This batch system is equipped with four evaporation sources and is capable of handling a wide range of applications, ensuring uniformity and exceptional performance required in the field of technical coatings. The PF500 CG plant is a compact and extremely flexible system, capable of producing durable coatings with excellent adhesion.
PF650 is a machine from the Powerflex CR series, but unlike PF1100 CR and PF1500 CR series, PF650 has been specially designed for technical coatings. Of course, decorative coatings are also possible. The Batch system can satisfy small production runs, providing the possibility of using various evaporation sources over the years, always ensuring perfect process control, exceptional uniformity and good tribological characteristics.