Other coating equipment

Protec Surface Technologies understands the importance of pretreatment stages to ensure optimal performance in PVD-PECVD coatings. We offer a complete range of surface activation systems to meet our customers’ needs. Our surface activation systems can be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual, designed to prepare the artifacts before the PVD process. Products can be treated while mounted on frames and then positioned inside the PVD/PECVD system chamber. With solutions like PST 770, PST 600, and PST 250, adaptable to our standard batch machinery.

Thanks to the R&D of Protec Surface Technologies, we are committed to providing the most effective surface activation solutions to optimize the PVD process and minimize waste.

Surface activation systems are available in various configurations, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Each system is specifically designed for the preparation of components before the PVD process. Products can be surface activated either before mounting on frames or subsequently, once placed inside the PVD/PECVD system chamber.