High flexibility

Many configurations

Easy Maintenance

Automatic Control


PVD – PECVD Hybrid Equipment

PowerFlex1100 CR is a high performances machine designed for both decorative and technical application.

PowerFlex1100 CR is a compact “hybrid” high vacuum coating system, using both PVD and PECVD technology, with the right useful plasma dimensions for high productivity with medium – large size objects, ensuring a perfect process control and outstanding uniformity; a unique PECVD technology provides an exceptional productivity.

Main features:
Decorative and technical coatings
Customized solutions
Hybrid coatings
Two doors
Process Optimization

  • Process chamber

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Chamber size: Ø 1210 x 1560 mm

    Turntable: Removable bottom turntable

  • Pumping system

    Dry pumps

    Turbo molecular

  • Technologies

    Cathodic Arc

    Magnetron Sputtering

    Dual Magnetron Sputtering

    Plasma beam source

    Other on request


  • Control

    Industrial Computer with diagnostic features

    Gas mass flow meters

  • Safety system

    Numerous safety interlocks to protect operators and equipment