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PVD – PECVD Hybrid System

Nanoflex 400 is a compact equipment for both decorative and technical applications.

With a chamber dimension of Ø 1000 x 550 mm and a deposition height of 400 mm production of small and medium size objects is optimized.

Nanoflex 400 belongs to flexible machine series.

High flexibility is one of its most important characteristics. In fact, on the machine chamber, it is possible to install different type of sources: Cathodic Arc, Magnetron Sputtering (in different configurations, Balance, Unbalanced, DMS, HiPiMS) and Plasma Beam Source.

All technologies can be provided directly before installation or as an upgrade.

Main features:
Decorative and technical coatings
Process optimization
Easy maintenance
Hybrid coatings
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  • Process chamber

    Material: Stainless Steel Chamber size: Ø 1000 x 550 mm Turntable: on bottom Loading: from top

  • Pumping system

    Dry pumps Turbo molecular

  • Technologies

    Cathodic Arc Magnetron Sputtering Dual Magnetron Sputtering Plasma beam source HIPIMS

  • Control

    Industrial Computer with diagnostic features Gas mass flow meters

  • Safety system

    Numerous safety interlocks to protect operators and equipment