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IPC 1100/700 is our equipment line specific for security printing.

PVD ecological plate-chroming for security printing

The ecological chroming process takes place entirely automatically, using high-energy metallic ions in combination with a plasma environment where a multi-layer nano-film is deposited.

Plates to be chromed are loaded onto a patented rotating drum, enclosed in a vacuum chamber equipped with maintenance-free magnetic levitation high-vacuum pumps and proprietary ionic evaporation sources.

No chromium-contaminated chemical liquids to dispose of
Extended plate life, higher surface hardness and superior wear resistance
Lower friction coefficient
No reduction in elastic module of base material
Very good uniformity and reproducibility
Customized process specifically designed for intaglio plates
Fully automatic process
Accurate process monitoring
Historical process database for QC

Other applications
Coin moulds for proof/normal minting
Key mechanical components

  • Process chamber

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Chamber size:
    IPC700: Ø 1230 x 1470 mm
    IPC1100: Ø 1760 x 1600 mm

    Usable plasma height:
    IPC 700: 850 mm
    IPC 1100: 1100 mm

    Number of plates coated for each batch:
    IPC 700: 1
    IPC 1100: 3

  • Pumping system



  • Sources


    IPC 700: LDE
    IPC 1100: LDE and others

  • Control

    Industrial computer with diagnostic features

    Gas mass flow meters

  • Others

    High uniformity substrate heating system