Powerflex 1100 CR

PowerFlex 1100 CR is a high performance machine designed for both decorative and tribological applications.

The PowerFlex 1100 CR represents the pinnacle of performance, offering unparalleled versatility for both decorative and tribological applications. This compact and “hybrid” coating system, utilizing both PVD and PECVD technology, operates in high vacuum to ensure excellent results. With dimensions optimized for the production of medium to large objects, the PowerFlex 1100 CR ensures precise process control and extraordinary uniformity.

Whether you are looking to enhance the aesthetics or functionality of your products, this cutting-edge system is ready to meet your needs with high performance and unmatched reliability and the ability to integrate various PVD and PECVD technologies, including Cathodic Arc, Magnetron Sputtering (in various configurations such as Balanced, Unbalanced, DMS, HiPIMS), and Plasma Beam Source.


System characteristics


Useful volume ᴓ 1000mmx1100mm
Internal chamber dimensions 1230x1560mm
Made entirely of stainless steel
Removable turntable
Completely automatic
Industry 4.0 software

Pumping system

Dry pumps
Turbomolecular pumps


Cathodic Arc LDE rectangular Cathodic Arc RCAE
Magnetron Sputtering
Dual Magnetron Sputtering
Plasma Beam Source
Other on request


PLC and industrial computer with diagnostic features
Gas flow meters.

Safety system

Numerous safety interlocks to protect operators and the system.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Certification N°: 50 100 12607

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