IPC 1100

Environmentally friendly PVD chrome plating for security printing

Intaglio Plates Coater (IPC) is the line of machines specifically dedicated to security printing.

Two IPC models were designed to meet customer requirements based on productivity characteristics.

IPC 1100 differs from IPC 700 mainly in the chamber size and the technologies that can be installed.

The environmentally friendly chrome-plating process is fully automated, using high-energy evaporation sources combined with a plasma environment in which a multilayer nano-film is deposited.
Plates to be chrome-plated are loaded onto a patented rotating drum enclosed in a vacuum chamber with maintenance-free magnetic levitation vacuum pumps and ion evaporation sources.

Macchinario IPC 1100
Macchinario IPC 1100
Macchinario IPC 1100



Useful volume ᴓ 970mmx1100mm
Inner chamber dimensions ᴓ 1760x1600mm
Made entirely of stainless steel
Removable multi-rotation turntable
With removable shields
Industry 4.0 software


Mechanical dry pumps
Turbomolecular pumps


No. of installable evaporation sources: 4
LDE Cathodic Arc
Magnetron Sputtering (on request)


Industrial computer with diagnostic features
Maximum gas flow meters

Safety System

Numerous safety interlocks to protect operators and the system.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Certification N°: 50 100 12607

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